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arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 8:12pm, #46081

crickets. Hey cranky, where's the name or picture of the soldiers armed with a**ault rifles surrounding nidal?

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 8:02pm, #46078

Still waiting for the names of the armed soldiers who surrounded nidal while he killed the soldiers, crankypants.

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 7:43pm, #46077

The government is picking our pockets more efficiently than any corporation ever could

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 7:43pm, #46076

Frank Whimbley

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 7:40pm, #46075

Not likely, criminals usually go for the easiest prey - unarmed people

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 7:37pm, #46074

How about that woman that emptied the whole magazine into the burglar's face? He was still moving afterwards, but I don't think he was much of a threat anymore

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 7:36pm, #46073

That'll make 'em stop!

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 7:35pm, #46072

How would universal background checks have prevented Sandy Hook?

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 9:33am, #46032

That's true, after all, what private citizen in their right mind would ever, ever miss with the first round

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 2:24am, #46025

If you look at Nixon's cabinet members' backgrounds and the ones that Obama chose for his, you will notice a pattern. The word you are searching for is thugs.

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 2:23am, #46024

At least Nixon put the country first when he resigned before he could be impeached.

arnnatz - Jan 17, 2013 1:25am, #46022

Also known as the war on the 2nd amendment and for obama, it's the war on the constitution

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 8:40pm, #46012

Even the brits use the same terminology: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2173050/Do-NOT-steal-woman-s-towel-Heavily-armed-bikini-clad-female-Israeli-soldiers-mingle-Tel-Aviv-beachgoers.html

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 8:38pm, #46011

You will see that he was carrying an AK47 and a knife, yet he was heavily armed.

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 8:38pm, #46010

If you look at this headline and the accompanying article: http://articles.philly.com/2012-08-01/news/32982073_1_septa-spokeswoman-jerri-williams-train-broad-street-line

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 8:35pm, #46009

that he was correct?

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 8:35pm, #46008

no? How about an article, other than Daily KOS, which says he was surrounded by soldiers who were armed with a**ault rifles? Can you try that? Sorry, cranky, but your poster is full of crap. Why won't you just admit that you screwed up and tell Fox

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 8:17pm, #46007

OK, just for the sake of argument, let's leave off heavily. Your claim was still that he was "surrounded by soldiers carrying a**ault rifles" - can you post a link to a picture where it shows anyone who is armed around him before he was arrested?

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 5:29pm, #45998

I'm expecting the deafening sound of crickets now.

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 5:20pm, #45997

Cranky claims this poster doesn't exist all of a sudden

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 5:20pm, #45996

Oh, wait, i guess this poster (http://www.politifake.org/view.php?id=27822) doesn't exist, does it?

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 5:12pm, #45994

or admit that you were and are full of crap

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 5:12pm, #45993

Why don't you put on your big girl panties and answer fox's question to name even one soldier that was heavily armed when nidal was shooting

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 5:11pm, #45992

You might want to do yourself a favor and crawl back under your rock before mommy finds out your slipped out again and takes away your tigger jammies again

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 5:10pm, #45991

Don't push the false rhetoric or I'll start pointing out your logic fails and ignorance again. Remember typical republican? Remember how you can't recognize a hypothetical statement? Do I need to go on?

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 5:07pm, #45990

a) that's total bs, you said it, you just try to backpedal. b) you conveniently forget the bile you spew c) I was banned for two weeks, your whining and crying doesn't get people banned for no reason. d) aren't you supposed to be acting like an adult

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:46pm, #45986

Sounds even more like your typical liberal.

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:45pm, #45985

My point exactly.

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:39pm, #45984

with groucho about the missing pentagon money. You never answered him either. Shoot bs and hide?!? Daily KOS doesn't give you any info to back up their crap, do they?

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:38pm, #45983

Fox is right cranky. You claimed the fort hood shooting occurred while nidal was surround by heavily armed soldiers. Fox asked you numerous times to name even one, but you ignore him. Where's the single name he asked for? Same thing happened a while back

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:34pm, #45982

if you succeed and make money, isn't it fair for congress to confiscate it as ill gotten?

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:32pm, #45980

It was approved by both parties and signed by obama. This is what bipartisan legislation looks like when you don't read it before you vote on it.

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:30pm, #45979

Sounds like obama when he was running for his first term

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:27pm, #45978

Only because he hadn't been in a debate with obama by that time. McCain was absolutely horrible in the debates.

arnnatz - Jan 16, 2013 4:19pm, #45974

I think you missed a question mark

arnnatz - Jan 12, 2013 7:25pm, #45803

Did you ever watch "ja****s"?

arnnatz - Jan 12, 2013 6:53pm, #45802

Isn't that the same attitude obama had when he was first elected? But changed when he decided he needed more sheep, er, uh, voters.

arnnatz - Jan 12, 2013 2:36pm, #45788

I've seen some conspiracy theories that give you pause (but don't pan out), but this one is absolutely insulting and in the poorest of taste.

arnnatz - Jan 12, 2013 11:37am, #45780

We'll have to wait and see what executive orders obama uses to bypass the constitution again

arnnatz - Jan 12, 2013 9:56am, #45775

Don't you find it kind of strange that the font for december 11 is different from the other dates

arnnatz - Jan 12, 2013 12:00am, #45771

Spoken like the true liberal that you are. Don't try to change the country for the better, instead don't like it get out. And I'm the failtroll? hahahahahah

arnnatz - Jan 11, 2013 6:53pm, #45749

So, your claim is that if you vote for someone, you want absolutely everything they want? Everyone who voted for obama wants everything he wants? Now that would be the most ignorant statement ever on this site or anywhere for that matter.

arnnatz - Jan 11, 2013 6:51pm, #45748

usually protest votes stating that there were no viable candidates.

arnnatz - Jan 11, 2013 6:51pm, #45747

Electoral votes don't indicate a "clear majority" of people, only states. The popular vote would be the decider on a clear majority. I think you didn't bother even taking any math or logic classes. A non-vote is never a vote for the status quo, they are

arnnatz - Jan 11, 2013 2:28pm, #45726

did you sleep through statistics class?

arnnatz - Jan 11, 2013 2:26pm, #45725

Popular vote: 59,621,436 for obama, Population of US: 315,145,784. Voting age population of US: 234,564,000. Still not a clear majority.

arnnatz - Jan 11, 2013 8:39am, #45720

Clear majority? Where does it say that?

arnnatz - Jan 10, 2013 11:38pm, #45712

what a statement to piss off liberals. They like to blame bush for all the ills of obama administration. Come to think of it, Obama has been doing just that for the last 4 years

arnnatz - Jan 10, 2013 11:35pm, #45711


arnnatz - Jan 10, 2013 11:34pm, #45710

The issue concerns the amendments that are applied to the NDAA (a yearly defense authorization bill) - especially the indefinite detention which was added in 2013 and signed by obama

arnnatz - Jan 10, 2013 11:30pm, #45709

It was also signed on Dec 4, 1987 by Ronald Reagan, the bill determines the agencies responsible for defense, establishes funding levels, and sets the policies under which money will be spent.

arnnatz - Jan 10, 2013 9:13am, #45692

How long does it take to swap out a magazine?

arnnatz - Jan 10, 2013 1:15am, #45676

It's only irrelevant if you are on the losing end of the argument

arnnatz - Jan 10, 2013 1:10am, #45675

or how about the number killed by doctors screwing up?

arnnatz - Jan 10, 2013 1:09am, #45674

and there in lies a major problem

arnnatz - Jan 9, 2013 7:46pm, #45641


arnnatz - Jan 9, 2013 8:16am, #45612

and you escaped falling on your sword when you lost most of your fake accounts with the big purge. Your attempts at taunting me are grade school at best. I hope you enjoyed your smaller paycheck this week (if you even actually work)

arnnatz - Jan 9, 2013 12:04am, #45604

and it can be done with one of your fake accounts at a time

arnnatz - Jan 9, 2013 12:00am, #45603

or arrest obama for continuing them (iraq for 2 years and afghanistan still ongoing) and violating the constitution with Libya?

arnnatz - Jan 8, 2013 11:58pm, #45602

and, if I were you, I would tread on eggs around here with your name calling or you'll find out what it feels like to be banned

arnnatz - Jan 8, 2013 11:57pm, #45601

Please do ignore me. You don't have the intellect to understand much of what I say anyways. That's why you are stuck without the fake accounts that you spent all that time creating only to lose probably half of them

arnnatz - Jan 8, 2013 7:10pm, #45591

(that's in reference to 45566 above by savoni who also posts as Romney's Stool)

arnnatz - Jan 8, 2013 7:09pm, #45590

name calling will get you banned.

arnnatz - Jan 8, 2013 7:08pm, #45589

Define republican state. Just because a state votes republican, that doesn't mean that the majority are republican. It could also mean that a higher percentage of republicans in those states vote than the number of dems

arnnatz - Jan 6, 2013 11:46pm, #45552

I don't remember obama being president in 1993. Janet Reno was the attorney general who ordered Elian Gonzales returned to his father in cuba, not eric holder.

arnnatz - Jan 6, 2013 11:45am, #45549

as you can see in the tag for this poster

arnnatz - Jan 6, 2013 11:45am, #45548

he is no student period. He steals at will (there was a complaint here about the poster theft by one of the people who produces some of the posters) He never gives credit to the originator and usually tags with his own name

arnnatz - Jan 6, 2013 11:42am, #45547

but, keep in mind that obama only updated the NDAA, it wasn't a complete rewrite of it.

arnnatz - Jan 6, 2013 11:38am, #45546

How do you interpret this?

arnnatz - Jan 6, 2013 11:37am, #45545

Part II - Priorities and Allocations. Sec 201. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2012-03-22/pdf/2012-7019.pdf

arnnatz - Jan 6, 2013 11:17am, #45544

Snopes is biased. Find some other non-biased site to use. http://blog.doodooecon.com/2012/04/fact-checkers-at-snopes-cover-up-scytl.html

arnnatz - Jan 5, 2013 5:58pm, #45538

I don't think he even reads the posters that he steals. He just pukes them out from whatever site he's lurking on

arnnatz - Jan 5, 2013 11:24am, #45530

I think the real issue is how much coverage did each of the stories have in MSM not whether or not they were covered at all.

arnnatz - Jan 5, 2013 12:43am, #45523

or dumpster dive to get the same food that was sanitary before.

arnnatz - Jan 5, 2013 12:42am, #45522

My son used to work for a restaurant which gave large amounts of leftover food to the homeless shelters every night after closing. The city did the same thing as NYC and now they just throw the food away while homeless people starve.

arnnatz - Jan 4, 2013 7:06pm, #45516

and when you finish with it, you can just smoke it

arnnatz - Jan 4, 2013 9:58am, #45497

so you are claiming that none of that will ever happen again? That history can't repeat itself? You, sir, are delusional.

arnnatz - Jan 4, 2013 9:30am, #45495

I think you just bruised the heck out of papafox's face with the slaps for his knowledge fails

arnnatz - Jan 4, 2013 9:23am, #45494

You mean the Sandy support bill that is laden with pork? $58.8 million for forest restoration on private land, $17 billion for wasteful Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), etc. Yeah, it's a good bill :o)

arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 11:04pm, #45434

Liberal hypocrites http://www.federalobserver.com/archive.php?aid=10104

arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 10:57pm, #45433


arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 7:03pm, #45423

It's on the front page in case you would like to look

arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 7:02pm, #45422

I just rechecked the site and it says: Our efforts cannot bring back the 20 innocent children murdered in Newtown, CT — or the 34 people murdered with guns every day in America.

arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 6:59pm, #45421

Sorry, I confused you with Romney's Stool (http://www.politifake.org/facebookview.php?id=18242) It's pretty hard to tell you libs apart nowadays since you all live on your KOS talking points

arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 6:56pm, #45420

Even if what you say is true, it's still less than the number of drug overdoses per day

arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 9:27am, #45415

100 people die from drug overdoses each day (CDC.org), 34 from gun violence (smartgunlaws.org)

arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 9:21am, #45414

This harkens back to when you were crapping all over the republicans for using the term forcible ra**, doesn't it?

arnnatz - Jan 2, 2013 1:50am, #45404

It's still considered ra**

arnnatz - Jan 1, 2013 10:15pm, #45401

Do you know what statutory ra** is? Yup, it can be consensual, but it's still ra**.

arnnatz - Jan 1, 2013 10:08pm, #45400

the majority of drugs are not grown in the back yards. Smuggling drugs is a multi-billion dollar business.

arnnatz - Jan 1, 2013 10:06pm, #45399

What's even more hilarious is when libtards downvote anti-obama posters and upvote the liberal media produced sound bites

arnnatz - Jan 1, 2013 9:47pm, #45398

Absolutely true, after all, why would we want to hold government accountable and keep their spending and authority to what the constitution allows?

arnnatz - Dec 17, 2012 11:39pm, #44755

I miss this site, before the ignorant foreign trolls slithered in

arnnatz - Dec 16, 2012 8:30pm, #44704

The difference is you are the s*d of foreign trolls. No, you probably won't go away, but you'll have no effect on how America takes care of its business. Eventually, we'll find an antibiotic that will get rid of scum like you.

arnnatz - Dec 16, 2012 6:17pm, #44702

wrong! the place for you is in clown school. You can't be part of the solution because you have no input to our issues. We can handle it quite fine without your ignorant statements.

arnnatz - Dec 16, 2012 5:57pm, #44698

You aren't american, you aren't part of the solution. You are just a troll trying to get some significance in your insignificant little life. This isn't the place for you.

arnnatz - Dec 16, 2012 2:13pm, #44685

even left leaning media believes it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/19/drones-unmanned-aircrafts-us-airspace_n_1896839.html

arnnatz - Dec 16, 2012 2:11pm, #44684

I think you should join al qaeda, you have so much in common with them. When you blow yourself up, try not to get your stupidity all over everyone.

arnnatz - Dec 16, 2012 10:28am, #44676

you could always do like gap-tooth and change your nationality every other week

arnnatz - Dec 15, 2012 7:08pm, #44661